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Physical Education & Recess

Your child will receive thirty minutes of PE instruction every day of the week. Students also get one hour of unstructured play every day as well!

We aim to provide each student with a well-rounded experience in physical movement, to emphasize continuously improving every individual’s specialized sports skills, and to develop lifetime fitness and recreation habits within each child and make them aware of the benefits of physical fitness.

For younger students, our program goals are:

  • Movement Exploration – variety of movement competencies
  • Manipulatives – kick, hit, catch, throw, and strike objects
  • Tumbling and Jump Rope – tumbling moves and rope stunts
  • Rhythms and Dance – directional formations, balance awareness
  • Games and Relays – creative games, outdoor/indoor
  • Cooperative Games – peer cooperation in problem solving various tasks
  • Introduction to Team Sports – soccer, baseball, basketball, and bowling

The physical education experience broadens for older students:

  • Traditional Games – bowling, tennis, hockey, and badminton
  • Nontraditional Games – pickle ball, croquette, Frisbee, and golf
  • Team Sports – soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, softball, rugby, and kickball
  • Cooperative Games – peer cooperation in problem solving
  • Dance – aerobic, line,  and rhythmic
  • Noncompetitive – jump rope, gymnastics, and Frisbee