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How much is tuition?

Full-Day Pre-K for 4 year olds and grades K-5
In-parish: $6,070
Out-of-parish: $6,415

Half-Day Pre-K for 3 year olds:  $3,245

How does tuition work?

All families are enrolled in the FACTS online tuition management system. Families choose to pay in full, quarterly or monthly for 10 or 12 months.

What fees are there outside of tuition?

  • Yearly registration fees are $150 per child
  • All families contribute $100 in cash or contributions to the school auction.
  • All families pay $10 toward each child’s classroom auction project.
  • 5th grade families pay about $170 toward outdoor school and $30 toward their first aid and CPR certificates.

Who is eligible for Tuition Assistance?

Every year, between $130,000 and $150,000 in tuition assistance is granted. Our sources of funding are varied and that allows us to provide assistance (at some level) to anyone who demonstrates need.

What do I do to qualify for assistance and how is need determined?

Within the FACTS program you complete the assistance portal by the defined dates. You will input many pieces of financial and family information that will be considered when funds are allocated, each spring.