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2024-2025 Tuition

Preschool 3 
5 half days (8am-11:30am)  $4950
3 full days (Tue/Wed/Thur)  $4950
5 full days                                $7620

Preschool 4 
3 full days (Tue/Wed/Thur)  $4950
5 full days                                $7620

Kindergarten-5th Grade       $7620

How does tuition work?

During enrollment, all families create accounts in the FACTS online tuition management system. There is a yearly fee for FACTS to manage your payment plan that will be charged to your account when your tuition agreement is finalized in June. Families can choose to pay in full, semi-annually, or monthly for 10 or 12 months, and the fee varies depending on which plan you choose.  Payments begin in July or September each year, and you will choose the specific payment dates during the enrollment process.

What fees and obligations are there outside of tuition?

  • Yearly enrollment fees are $300 per child, due upon submission of enrollment packet
  • All families contribute $150 in cash or contributions to the school auction.
  • All families sell one book of raffle tickets in the fall and participate in all fundraisers to the best of their ability.
  • 5th grade families pay about $170 toward outdoor school and $30 toward their first aid and CPR certificates.
  • Lunch and childcare are expenses outside of tuition
  • 10 service hours are required, per kindergarten-5th grade family

Who is eligible for Tuition Assistance?

Every year, about $150,000 in tuition assistance is granted. Historically about 1/3 of our student body is on some form of assistance.  Some assistance is specific to Catholic students, but some is open to everyone.  The goal is to support any family seeking a Catholic education. Tuition assistance is not available to students in preschool.

What do I do to qualify for assistance and how is need determined?

Within your school application you choose to complete the assistance portal in FACTS.  The earlier you submit the better. You will input many pieces of financial and family information that will be considered when funds are allocated.  The amount you are granted is dependent on how much we have to give, how much is requested from the whole, your personal expenses/income and anything else pertinent that is shared in your application.  No amount given is guaranteed in the following years.  You’ll have an opportunity to officially enroll and finalize your account after tuition assistance is granted, in early May.

Tuition increases 5-8% yearly.